tiny houses in the park

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Our mission is simple: we place tiny houses within park systems across the United States to help create memorable experiences with friends and family in the most beautiful places in the world.




National in scale, Retreat will offer consistently comfortable nightly accommodations within beautiful settings across the United States. Surrounded by the Rockies or along the Coast of the Carolina's, Retreat will surpass ones expectations.


As if being located in natural landscapes wasn't enough, Retreat will offer world class accommodations using a variety of small structures, all with the full amenities the discerning explorer may expect. Enjoy nature and escape, but Retreat to the comfort of luxury linens and a full bath.

Low impact

Retreat strives to be mindful of the landscapes that we share with Mother Nature, the people utilizing those landscapes and the park system itself. We collaboratively work closely with the park system to ensure our offer is as low impact as possible.

Economically Viable

Park systems are integral public assets that must be cherished, nurtured and, well, funded exponentially. Retreat understands the challenges of creating environments on a shoestring budget. Retreat partners with parks to create an economically viable long-term partnership.


"Our memories are not in our things; Our memories are in our experiences."