Life, Experienced.

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What We Do

Retreat partners with select local, regional, state and national park systems to bring tiny houses to the parks. We provide fresh nightly accommodations, located in the most beautiful parks in the world for the outdoor enthusiast, the world traveler and the adventure-seeking, all with minimal impact on the natural landscapes we love.

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Retreat exists to promote the landscapes we love and to provide unique, comfortable accommodations. Collectively with the park system, Retreat identifies opportunities for mutually beneficial development of fresh, attractive nightly accommodations, all with little to no financial burden placed on the park system.


Retreat is a stand-alone platform creating an avenue for exploration, enrichment and personal growth. We strive to have minimal impact on park resources and personnel, but are flexible enough to work collaboratively to install a solution that fits the desired accommodation program. 

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Reach, Exposure & awareness

Retreat will offer a national footprint targeting new and diverse demographics and cultivating existing users through enhanced lodging options. Retreat promotes the preservation of our cultural, historical and natural resources all while offering the unparalleled ability to unwind after a long day exploring the landscapes around you.